Getting your song out to the world can be a time-intensive process, requiring knowledge of who to contact, navigating the various requirements to produce a ‘radio-worthy’ song, as well as following up on inclusion on charts, especially when getting radio playtime. PFP has extensive experience in what it takes to get an artist noticed in the radio industry, as well as having the knowledge of specific individuals involved in radio playtimes. PFP will provide a radio work plug-in where the team will liaise with radio stations to identify up-and-coming talent and songs that have potential to be top tracks for the season, competing with the best talent South Africa has to offer.

The music industry can be a scary place for unknown artists, who may feel overwhelmed by the amount of industry-specific administrative requirements to showcase their art, as well as protect themselves legally and according to regulations of the specific industry. Horus Music (2019) puts it quite aptly, “there’s a lot of work to do.” An artist manager handles day-to-day business affairs, such as making contact with radio stations, journalists, creating opportunities, administrative tasks and other business dealings. The PFP team has intimate knowledge of the requirements and specialised needs of an artist, taking the hassle out of the task so that artists can focus on perfecting their craft. PFP handles the paperwork, registrations, guidance and advice of artists in the artist management department. The goal of artist management is to make the process of administrative tasks relating to industry-specific regulations as seamless and pain-free as possible.  Examples of artist management includes registration with relevant music bodies (SAMRO, CAPS….), bookings for events, promotion of creative works, contacts within the music industry, as well as contacts with accountants, lawyers and other team members essential for creating a strong team to support the artist.


With the recent success of hits such as “Last Summer ft. Jane” making the top 100 of 2020 and “Crazy Love ft. Jane” featuring on the CTM HEART TOP 40, the market exists for the creative talent that exists within PFP. PFP has shown that the Creative Director can produce music of the highest quality. With previous experience in music production, “Production & Studio” was conceptualised to bring a cost-effective, professional service to artists who need to put their ideas to the world. The service aims to create a turnkey solution for artists that includes the creation of a backing track, artist engagement and planning, as well as recording of the song that includes alterations that need to be done, after which Mixing & Mastering can be done by PFP.

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