The UnExpected (UXD)

The UnExpected (UXD)


‘The UnExpected’ also known as ‘UXD’ is a group of Cape Town musicians who were put together by Dominic Swartz in 2012. The band originally started by doing a charity show at the University of Cape Town in order to help less privileged musicians. The proceeds of the event went towards an underprivileged school music department to repair broken instruments and get the learning materials needed for a better learning experience. The band consists of 5 musicians and Lead singer. The group has also become closer whilst studying together at the University of Cape Town in Rondebosch and Stellenbosch University.The show was such a great success that the group decided to stay together and since then have been playing for different events such as various charity, talent and fashion shows. The group also plays at weddings, community functions, live entertainment at various functions and participate in an annual production called The Voice of Legends. The UnExpected has also recorded and released a single called ‘Don’t Need It’ In 2019.The UnExpected are a very diverse group with regards to each member’s musical background ranging from Classical to Pop, From Jazz to Rock

Dominic Swartz

Band Leader

Musical Director

Keyboard Player

Tammy Assell

Band Manager

Keno Carelse


Matthew Minnies

Electric Guitarist

Astrin Pasquallie


Charl Clayton


Faakir Kalam